Moving Tips for Home Sellers

The key to a smooth, uneventful move is planning and organization. The following list will help you identify some of the things to think of prior to a move. Remember, the sooner you get started, the easier your move will be!


  • Obtain an estimate from professional movers
  • Assemble appropriate packing materials (bubble wrap, newspaper, various sized boxes, tape)
  • Measure your furniture and decide where each piece will be placed in your new home. Making floor plans of your new home (if the realtor hasn’t) can help immensely.
  • Inventory your possessions and decide what to do with each (take with you, sell, give away)
  • Arrange for utilities to be shut off in your current location and get any refunds of deposits. Arrange for connections in new location and transfer accounts.


  • Give your forwarding address to the post office
  • Notify insurance companies, charge accounts, subscriptions, friends and relatives
  • Change information on pets tags, driver’s licenses, etc.


  • Obtain copies of school records
  • Determine what information is needed to register for school
  • Register in a timely manner


  • Banking: Arrange for a checking account in your new community and transfer accounts
  • Medical: Obtain medical records, as for referrals, and transfer prescriptions