Home Seller Costs

Below is a worksheet to determine estimated proceeds from your home sale, based on Evanston Transfer Tax Rates (costs vary depending on community).

Estimate the proceeds you can expect by entering numbers into the fields. Follow the explanations on the right to calculate the number to enter. Please consult with your lender and attorney for more information and more detailed costs.

Listing Price $  
Estimated Sale Price $  
Fees, Taxes and Other Subtractions
Title Insurance Policy, Fees, Recording Charges $ $1195 for the first $100,000 of Sale Price + $20 per each additional $10,000 of Sale Price
Attorney Fees $ Attorney fees are between $400–$1000
Real Estate Broker Fees $ 6% of Sale Price + $450 Marketing Fee
Community Transfer Tax $ In Evanston: (Sale Price x 5) ÷ 1000
State & County Transfer Tax $ (Sale Price x 1.50) ÷ 1000
Property Tax Prorated $ Enter estimated taxes owed. Because property taxes are paid in arrears, all back taxes up until the date of the closing must be paid. Typically adjusted to 105% of unpaid tax amount.
Property Survey $ $350 – $500 per sale
Home Warranty $ If offered, varies from $300 – $500
1st Mortgage Balance $  
2nd Mortgage Balance
& Other Liens
$ Expenses incurred, but not paid, up to date of closing (assessments, etc.)
Total Estimated Expenses $ 0  
Estimated Proceeds $ 0

This document is just a draft of estimates for the seller. Check with your lender to see how much money is in your tax and insurance escrow account, and what balance is due on the principal. The total estimated expenses are on average 8-9% of the sales price.