For Sellers

Why Sell with the Mabadi Group?

Our goal is to get you the best price of your home in the shortest period of time on the market. The key to getting the best price is to price your home correctly from the start using a combination of market data and our extensive knowledge of current trends in the market. Once a price is established, we will follow a marketing plan customized for you that will ensure your home is viewed by the largest number of qualified buyers.

The Best Visual Presentation

  • Staging: We work with a team of professional staging experts to ensure your home appears in “move in” condition for buyers. We also can recommend resources to help clients organize, de-clutter, and facilitate the sale of unwanted household furnishings.
  • Photography: For every listing, we hire the best Chicago based real estate photographer to photograph the interior and exterior of your home. Stunning, high-resolution photographs are critical to attract on-line buyers and show your home to its best advantage. Please take a minute to compare the photographs for a Mabadi Group listing to those of another listing in the same market. The difference is significant.
  • Floor Plans: Your entire home will be measured for professional floor plans which are created to give buyers even more information and connection to your home.

The Best Relationship Marketing

  • Broker-to-Broker Marketing: Research shows that most buyers work with a real estate agent, even while doing their own research on-line. We focus on this important audience through networking, personal phone calls, broker events, email announcements, and direct mail targeting the real estate community. These effective tools are used to introduce your home to the broker community before your home “officially” hits the market, building interest and excitement in advance of being promoted more broadly.
  • Direct to Buyer Marketing: We also market directly to buyers in our sphere of contacts through blogging, Twitter, Facebook, direct mail, and custom email announcements targeting the Chicago and North Shore audience. This approach helps us reach an audience that may be thinking about buying but has not yet started working with a real estate agent or searching on-line. This effort works in conjunction with other marketing efforts to build awareness and excitement about a new home for sale.

The Best On-Line Presentation

Once your home has been photographed and described to highlight its best features, the images are presented to the public in a comprehensive on-line strategy. Over 90% of buyers start their search on the internet and we capture their buyers by highlighting your property on the most effective real estate websites.

Expert Negotiation

We consider negotiation to be an art form. Our job is to find out the most important issues for each buyer and find a way to bring both sides together for a fair and equitable transaction. Sometimes price is the most import issue, other times it may be closing date or the terms of payment. Our job is to discover what is driving the negotiation and capitalize on it. Part of our strategy is to gather multiple offers wherever possible. This is not always an option, but staying in touch with agents who have brought clients to your home and calling every one of them when we get an offer sometimes helps us get that second offer. When multiple offers are not possible, we are experts at finding comparable properties to show your buyer value and ultimately get you the best price for your home.

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